Sunday, November 24, 2013

Time to Wander

Well, with Thanksgiving travels coming up, I decided to feature the luggage that I have purchased at Goodwill. Vintage luggage is really cool because it has gone on someone else's adventures before and will be able to go on more with you. For example, the two smaller cases in my pictures below are actually cassette tape carriers. I like to imagine that some teenager full of angst hid all of his music that his parents did not want him to listen to in them, the handles allowing him to take the music to his friend's house when they hung out on the weekends. And now I use it as a cute purse or briefcase. Buying an item second-hand gives it the opportunity to live a second life. Now it is time to wander on home for Thanksgiving...

The dress is from a boutique in the UK. All of the luggage is from Goodwill, except for the largest one which I bought from a local store, The Striped Pig. (Sorry for the low quality pictures, my boyfriend is the regular photographer with the nicer cell phone camera...)

See you next week!