Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Monday Transformation

Well, hello again.

I am sorry that this is coming out late. If I wanted pants in my outfit of the day clothing picture (sans me), I needed to wait until my laundry was done. Glamorous, I know. Ultimately, I went to bed before it was finished, so I took the pictures this morning. Also, I forgot that I wore tights with my night outfit (of course I wore tights, it was only about 20 degrees and skirts in 20 degrees sounds like an awful idea; however, I still forgot that I wore them). Why do I not go and take new pictures now? Because it is cold and my bed is warm. Which means I am typing this post on my phone. How will this post come out? I have no idea. Will I have to reformat this post in the morning? Probably. However, here is what I have for now...

Check out that sweet sweater vest action!

In this outfit: Cardigan: The Striped Pig (similar); Sweater Vest: Vintage from my dad (similar); Jeans: Kohl's; Shoes: Maude; Skirt: Gap (similar).

See you later this week!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Pattern Play: Stripes on Stripes

Hello again!

Well, this week has had crazy temperature drops and jumps. Monday was gorgeous, then Tuesday-Friday were awful because we had a 20 or so degree drop in temperature, and then we were back up to the 50s yesterday and today I'm in shorts. But, do not worry, tomorrow the temperature will be in the 20s, again. Oh, global warming, thank you for making temperatures extreme.

Fortunately, with the weather being lovely yesterday, I got to go for a bike ride and take pictures outdoors. As promised, I am trying to wear more accessories. I am still new to this so I have an intense fear of over-accessorizing. That means I put on a necklace, two bracelets, and a hair bow, then promptly took everything off except the leaf necklace. So I may have failed at being adventurous with accessories, but I tried to be adventurous with my prints; I tried mixing stripes on stripes. Here's how it turned out!

This is a charming building/alley way/trail where we stopped to take pictures and where a couple walking by thought my boyfriend was proposing because we were taking photos. Nope. Definitely not.

Pardon my dirty shoes. I wear these quite a lot.

If you noticed, these pictures are a better quality than normal, and this is the only photo with a filter. I finally got a new phone and the camera is significantly better than the one on my last phone and I wanted to play with its awesome filters/editing tools that come preset on the phone.

In this outfit: Plaid shirt: Goodwill (previously seen: here; similar: here), Striped shirt: Forever 21 (old; similar: here, here, and here), Jeans: Kohl's (probably these or these), Necklace: Charming Charlie's (old; similar here, Etsy has hundreds of leaf necklaces to choose from), Shoes: Maude (here).

I hope you have had an awesome weekend!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Second Monday Transformation

Good evening!

I hope you all had a lovely day off to celebrate a man who made a large impact on civil rights. Here is my outfit transformation from an outfit of the day to an outfit of the night!

Me wearing my ootd

My ootn. I promise when I took this on my phone, it looked totally normal, and then I uploaded it onto the computer and discovered it was weird and blurry. So I am sorry

Shirt detail

Up close and personal with the bracelets
Blouse: Thrifted from Hope's Door; Tank top: old; Jeans: Kohl's (similar here); Skirt: H&M (similar here); Bracelets: Alex and Ani and Grey Dog; Flats: Maude Boutique; Heels (similar here).

See you Sunday! Have a lovely week!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Floral Purse


As promised, here is the post that almost occurred last week (even if it is coming out late this evening). Now, one thing you will learn as this blog continues is that I rarely accessorize. I have one necklace and ring that I wear almost every day; however, I forgot to pack them after winter break. This means I have to begin wearing other accessories I already own and potentially branch out to buying more (thrifted from Goodwill, of course).

This lack of accessorizing applies to bags, too. Essentially, I used to stick cash in my pocket until I got a license. That is when I had to invest in a wallet. Now that I have a wallet, I use it still instead of a purse. I tend to only use a purse when I am travelling. This has begun to change since I have acquired a beautiful floral purse from Goodwill last summer, which I cannot wait to show you!

Bag: Goodwill; Cardigan: Aritzia (old); Blouse: Hope's Door; Tank Top: old; Jeans: Kohl's.

See you tomorrow!

Monday, January 13, 2014

New Semester: New Segment (Monday Transformations)

Hello all!

You may realize that today is Monday and not Sunday. Now, I do not want you to think I have abandoned my Sunday posts, because I have not. Today is the first day of a new semester, which means that I needed to run errands yesterday and was not going to give you a top quality post like the one you deserve. I even took the photos for the post and assumed I would write it today after my sorority chapter meeting. However, that post will have to wait!

Earlier today, a grand idea hit me...Since I have to change clothes every Monday from my more casual clothes that I wear to class into nicer clothes for chapter, why would I not share the outfit transformations with you? It will just be a short and sweet post to begin the week. I will apologize now because 1. there may not always be an item from Goodwill in this segment and 2. I had the idea like an hour and a half ago, this plan is not going to be executed as well this week as it will next week (or any week after, for that matter). So, with the help of Instagram filters, I present to you the first ever Monday Transformation!

In this post: Blouse: thrifted from Hope's Door, Tank Top: old (maybe Academy?), Cardigan: old (maybe Atrizia?), Jeans: Kohl's, Skirt: Asos (also old; and tailored by BonnerBell).

See you Sunday!

(P.S.- If you like this new segment, or hate it, let me know! Comment below or shoot me an email, I will get back to you and listen to your recommendations. Also, feel free to follow me on Instagram; you will be able to see more frequent photos of my daily shenanigans!)

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Winter Break Boredom

I am rarely bored. Honestly, I spend so much time going to class, doing homework, and studying that I often find that there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything, let alone be bored. That means when I have a moment to do nothing and be "bored," I take it. This probably sounds strange, but when I am mindlessly watching TV or scrolling through who knows how many random pages on the internet and I think, "I'm bored," I actually smile. That means I have had a long enough break so I can get back to work, whether that means researching/reading psychology articles or considering cleaning my apartment (I would like to say that I am the kind of person that "sweeps problems under the rug," but even that is more cleaning than I typically get around to during a busy semester).

The problem with this winter break is that I am bored with the clothes I packed with me for my vacation here at my parents' house. Just as my apartment is rarely, if ever, clean, my clothes are washed as infrequently as humanly possible. Essentially, I will be on my last pair of underwear before doing laundry. That means I do not repeat outfits that often because they are all dirty on my floor until I get around to washing everything. I was at the point of desperately needing to clean my clothes when I packed. So as I took clothes out of the dryer, I either threw them on my bed or in a bag to bring home (I am dreading coming home to that, but I will worry about it later).

The clothes I packed were mostly all button down shirts. Do not get me wrong, I love button down shirts (especially, if they are from the 80s or 90s). However, wearing them almost every day for two weeks is too much. So I spent one day this week trying to make one of my fantastic patterned shirts fun again by taking a whole bunch of pictures to share! Enjoy!


Shirt: Goodwill; Jeans: Kohl's.

See you next week!
Or, if you really cannot wait, you can check out my Instagram, gallivantingingoodwill, for daily pictures!

Oh, and happy new year! If you want to make 2014 your most fashionable year yet, you should check out http://www.helloluvvy.com/2014/01/03/fashionable-new-years-resolutions/ for Fashionable New Year's Resolutions. I am a huge fan of Hello Luvvy and think everyone should check them out!