Sunday, January 19, 2014

Floral Purse


As promised, here is the post that almost occurred last week (even if it is coming out late this evening). Now, one thing you will learn as this blog continues is that I rarely accessorize. I have one necklace and ring that I wear almost every day; however, I forgot to pack them after winter break. This means I have to begin wearing other accessories I already own and potentially branch out to buying more (thrifted from Goodwill, of course).

This lack of accessorizing applies to bags, too. Essentially, I used to stick cash in my pocket until I got a license. That is when I had to invest in a wallet. Now that I have a wallet, I use it still instead of a purse. I tend to only use a purse when I am travelling. This has begun to change since I have acquired a beautiful floral purse from Goodwill last summer, which I cannot wait to show you!

Bag: Goodwill; Cardigan: Aritzia (old); Blouse: Hope's Door; Tank Top: old; Jeans: Kohl's.

See you tomorrow!