Sunday, February 16, 2014

People Like Grapes

Happy Sunday!

I have been trying to wear t-shirts less frequently, but I adore this one that I received as a gift from a friend for a belated birthday/early Christmas present (my birthday is in June, that is close enough to Christmas, right?). My boyfriend showed me an awesome YouTube channel called RoosterTeeth, you may know about it from Red vs. Blue or Rage Quit or Minecraft Let's Play (I'll let you check it out now, I can wait). They also do podcasts and one of the young men commented that "People like grapes," and the shirt was created. My boyfriend and I even like the company enough we were two characters from it called X-Ray and Vav last Halloween. Anyway, I like the laid back vibe of this shirt and my Goodwill velvety button down, so I thought I'd share.

In this outfit: Shirt, Button-Down Shirt (Goodwill; similar), Jeans.

I hope you have had an awesome week and next week will be even better!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Business Casual

Hello and Happy New York Fashion Week!

I am so sorry that I did not post Sunday. I would like to say it was because I had a test Friday and another today, so I spent the weekend studying for the test I finished nearly two hours ago because I could not study for this test before my other test. If you want the real reason, it is because pretty clothes are happening in New York (F/W 14)! Essentially, I was super inefficient at everything I tried to do this weekend (i.e., read one textbook page, spend an hour reading fashion blogs/looking at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week's Instagram--I would like to mention that they followed me on Instagram, probably because it feels like I "hearted" every photo they posted because they are all so beautiful, and I completely became a fan girl). I also took screen shots of my absolute favorite outfits for F/W 14 so you should all expect to see them on the blog soon as some mini segment. My new goal is to try to recreate these looks with clothes from Goodwill by the time fall comes around (I have a while).

I also did not post Sunday because yesterday I presented my thesis study proposal to the Institutional Review Board at my University. These means I was in business casual all day and did not do a "day" look, but I am posting what would normally be a "night" look for me. You can use your imagination of what yesterday's outfit of the day would have been (the grey shirt, jeans, and my green Maude shoes). Here is me in business casual:

As you can see, I take more photos than appear on the blog, usually because I am moving or making an exceptionally odd facial expression. Fortunately, Google turns these photos into a .gif that I think looks cool, so you can see these reject photos. Enjoy!
In this outfit: Shirt: Hand-Me-Down from my little brother (similar); Skirt: Old/Forever 21 (similar-ish; I am still on campus and the internet is slow; if you desperately want me to find you a similar one, comment below and I will try once I am home); Tights: Kohl's; Shoes (not pictured) are the boots from DSW (similar).

See you soon with my NYFW Favorites!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Monday Transformations or Transformation Tuesday?

Good morning!

So I have made an executive decision that because I transform my day outfit to night outfit on Mondays, my posts will still be Monday Transformations; however, they will come up on Tuesday. Why? Because Monday mornings I lack the foresight to take a picture of whatever I'm going to wear before I put it on and Monday evenings I lose track of time and have only a couple of minutes to get ready before chapter. Yesterday, my classes were canceled and I was excused from my sorority's chapter meeting because of the snow, so I was not even going to put on socially acceptable clothes to wear in public. But, I needed to pick up a towel that I left back in August and an excuse to get out of the condo. Plus, you guys didn't get an outfit post on Sunday and I felt like I owed you. So here are a bunch of pictures with a lot of different filters that came on my phone!

I felt like this was worth including since I make silly faces in most of my pictures.
So Google made a gif out of my similar photos, which is actually really funny (in my humble opinion). This is what I look like while "modeling."

I realized that you probably had no idea what this dress looked like sans belt, so here is a picture without the belt.
Outfit of the day. Also, black and brown may make some frown, but no one cares when there is snow on the ground.

Outfit of the night.
OOTD: Shirt: From my sorority (that's why I covered up the "frocket;" Similar), Leggings: Kohl's (for what it is worth, I know leggings are not pants, but I did not leave the condo with just a t-shirt and leggings. I also realize now the whole internet has seen me in leggings as pants.), Boots: DSW (old; similar here and here).

OOTN: Dress: Goodwill (You might recognize it and the belt from this previous post; Here are a bunch of denim dresses (arranged in the order I found them): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), Belt: Grey Dog or a gift from my mom (Similar), Leggings: Kohl's , Boots: DSW (see above links for similar).

I hope you all have a lovely snow day (or just a lovely day in general)!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl Sunday? Super Busy Sunday

Hello again.

Honestly, this post almost did not happen. Yesterday was carefree and I got to see "One Man Lord of the Rings" with my older brother, boyfriend, and my boyfriend's family. It was an awesome show and a great weekend. Then, like most of the U.S., we got snow. This snow caused mass havoc on my plans. My friend's pageant was canceled so I did not get to go support her (even if it was not canceled, I could not possibly make it there in this weather). Since I could not leave my apartment, I was unable to go to any Super Bowl parties (is that over yet? I am watching Spongebob instead). Snow also inhibited me from wanting to wear cute clothes and take pictures.

However, I still did get a chance to be productive. I cleaned my room for a while and spent hours and hours working on my Institutional Review Board submission. Today, everything that could and could not possibly go wrong, went wrong with my submission. That is why I decided to make this post, a break was definitely needed. Now that this post is essentially finished, I will start studying Spanish because the university's delayed start is not enough to delay my exam.


I hope your weekend is ending on a lovelier note than mine and that your upcoming week will be even better!