Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Business Casual

Hello and Happy New York Fashion Week!

I am so sorry that I did not post Sunday. I would like to say it was because I had a test Friday and another today, so I spent the weekend studying for the test I finished nearly two hours ago because I could not study for this test before my other test. If you want the real reason, it is because pretty clothes are happening in New York (F/W 14)! Essentially, I was super inefficient at everything I tried to do this weekend (i.e., read one textbook page, spend an hour reading fashion blogs/looking at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week's Instagram--I would like to mention that they followed me on Instagram, probably because it feels like I "hearted" every photo they posted because they are all so beautiful, and I completely became a fan girl). I also took screen shots of my absolute favorite outfits for F/W 14 so you should all expect to see them on the blog soon as some mini segment. My new goal is to try to recreate these looks with clothes from Goodwill by the time fall comes around (I have a while).

I also did not post Sunday because yesterday I presented my thesis study proposal to the Institutional Review Board at my University. These means I was in business casual all day and did not do a "day" look, but I am posting what would normally be a "night" look for me. You can use your imagination of what yesterday's outfit of the day would have been (the grey shirt, jeans, and my green Maude shoes). Here is me in business casual:

As you can see, I take more photos than appear on the blog, usually because I am moving or making an exceptionally odd facial expression. Fortunately, Google turns these photos into a .gif that I think looks cool, so you can see these reject photos. Enjoy!
In this outfit: Shirt: Hand-Me-Down from my little brother (similar); Skirt: Old/Forever 21 (similar-ish; I am still on campus and the internet is slow; if you desperately want me to find you a similar one, comment below and I will try once I am home); Tights: Kohl's; Shoes (not pictured) are the boots from DSW (similar).

See you soon with my NYFW Favorites!