Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl Sunday? Super Busy Sunday

Hello again.

Honestly, this post almost did not happen. Yesterday was carefree and I got to see "One Man Lord of the Rings" with my older brother, boyfriend, and my boyfriend's family. It was an awesome show and a great weekend. Then, like most of the U.S., we got snow. This snow caused mass havoc on my plans. My friend's pageant was canceled so I did not get to go support her (even if it was not canceled, I could not possibly make it there in this weather). Since I could not leave my apartment, I was unable to go to any Super Bowl parties (is that over yet? I am watching Spongebob instead). Snow also inhibited me from wanting to wear cute clothes and take pictures.

However, I still did get a chance to be productive. I cleaned my room for a while and spent hours and hours working on my Institutional Review Board submission. Today, everything that could and could not possibly go wrong, went wrong with my submission. That is why I decided to make this post, a break was definitely needed. Now that this post is essentially finished, I will start studying Spanish because the university's delayed start is not enough to delay my exam.


I hope your weekend is ending on a lovelier note than mine and that your upcoming week will be even better!