Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Monday Transformation

Well, hello again.

I am sorry that this is coming out late. If I wanted pants in my outfit of the day clothing picture (sans me), I needed to wait until my laundry was done. Glamorous, I know. Ultimately, I went to bed before it was finished, so I took the pictures this morning. Also, I forgot that I wore tights with my night outfit (of course I wore tights, it was only about 20 degrees and skirts in 20 degrees sounds like an awful idea; however, I still forgot that I wore them). Why do I not go and take new pictures now? Because it is cold and my bed is warm. Which means I am typing this post on my phone. How will this post come out? I have no idea. Will I have to reformat this post in the morning? Probably. However, here is what I have for now...

Check out that sweet sweater vest action!

In this outfit: Cardigan: The Striped Pig (similar); Sweater Vest: Vintage from my dad (similar); Jeans: Kohl's; Shoes: Maude; Skirt: Gap (similar).

See you later this week!