Sunday, December 1, 2013

Gallivanting in Grey Dog


In this special edition of Gallivanting in Goodwill, in honor of Small Business Saturday, I am doing Gallivanting in Grey Dog. Grey Dog is a super cool vintage boutique in Fayetteville, Arkansas. This special edition is also because Thanksgiving is a holiday where my mom loves to take pictures since we are already dressed up...and because I get the best clothes from Grey Dog! I swear, 1/3 of my closet is from Goodwill, 1/3 is from Grey Dog, and 1/3 is from everywhere else (if we are not including free t-shirts...then the proportion is more skewed in favor of free t-shirts. What can I say? I am in college).

You should go check out Grey Dog's website now... Now that you have done that, here are my pictures from Thanksgiving!

My sweet vintage dress from the 1950s and these shoes from Maude.

The dress in better detail.

 My "little" brother (6'5") and me trying to be pensive. My older brother missed out on being in this blurry gem that my mom took...

And because today is December 1, I am officially done with No Pants November! I am celebrating in these awesome 80s pants from my mom, the same shoes as before, and this Rooster Teeth shirt.

See you next week!