Sunday, December 22, 2013

Winter Break is Finally Here!

B is for Blog, and if I did not spend all of last week/this week studying, that would have been my grade in all of my classes. So instead of making a blog post last week, I chose to study and make straight A(s). I hope you understand.

Now that finals are over, I got to go home and I have packed plenty of Goodwill goodies so I can take pictures for the blog. One problem, my awesome boyfriend who can actually work a camera is not here, which means my photos are going to be unique for a few weeks...Sorry. This means we may have a mirror selfie or two, or (like this week) webcam photos taken in my older brother's childhood bedroom. Check out those sweet angles, lighting, and pixel-y/grainy texture. It is called putting your laptop on a bed and trying to stand in the one area that doesn't have your poorly packed luggage or your brother's pictures from when he was in high school. I will let you borrow that fancy photography trick.

Me, trying to see if the camera is working. It was. The picture looked decent, so now the world can see it.

I realized my hair was sticking up right as the photo was taking because of the self-timer. But I also realized that this pose had potential... (See the next photo)

Shirt: Goodwill, Romper: Thrifted; Belt: Grey Dog or Mom's (I have two almost identical belts, so it could honestly be from either one)

See you next week!