Sunday, September 7, 2014

Exciting Kickstarter Campaign!

Hello everyone!

I would like to apologize for my absence, but the semester has started with full force. Between classes, my thesis, and my social work internship at a hospital, I still am dressing up, but I just do not have the time to take pictures or do anything crafty. Plus, as it turns out, it is too dark to take high-quality Instagram photos at 6 in the morning, so my normal #ootd photos are unlikely to continue appearing fairly regularly like they did during the summer months.

With that being said, I am going to make this quick post before going back to reading an article for my advanced seminar class and writing a review of it for Tuesday, because THAT IS HOW EXCITED I AM! Really, guys, I have been looking forward to this Kickstarter for months. I cannot remember exactly how I first heard about Flimsymoon (I have done so much since then!), but I was reminded about Flimsymoon from "A Curious Fancy." I also follow the creator, Freyia Lilian, on Instagram (she is seriously adorable, with mermaid-colored hair and plenty of crowns) and have enjoyed seeing her updates and the beautiful creations she and others make to support the upcoming lingerie line.

Isn't this precious?!
By the way, this and all of the other images are not mine, they are from the Kickstarter page.
Honestly, I do not buy fancy lingerie (probably because I am a college student and Goodwill does not sell it). But, this could very well be the exception. Do you need some convincing? Well, here are some reasons I want Flimsymoon to get an awesome kick-start:

1. I mean, look at that! It is so delicate. I don't know about you, but I associate delicate with charming.

2. And isn't this collar whimsical and cheeky? If you have not gathered from all of the collared shirts that I wear, I am all for a great collar. When I can get my hands on a collar like this one, I will probably wear it a little too often in my day to day wear. Why? Because I can.

3. Don't you want more pretty things like this in the world? When everything tends to be so dark and gloomy, it is refreshing to see something light and airy. I already put forth some of my limited money towards the Kickstarter campaign. 

It is not often that I speak out for a specific company (besides Goodwill), and this is not a paid-endorsement in any way (I mean, if Freyia reads this and is suddenly like, "Here, have free pieces from the collection!" I would gladly accept them and I would let y'all know); I just really want this collection to exist. So, if you have some funds to spare and share, I would appreciate it if you considered helping to fund this beautiful lingerie line through Flimsymoon's Kickstarter Campaign

Have a wonderful week!
Rachel Cathleen