Sunday, August 10, 2014

Life via Instragram Update

Goodness, gracious. Sometimes life gets so busy that it is difficult to keep up with the blog to fill you in on everything. I am trying to keep everyone up to date through Instagram, which more or less happens. So here is an update on my last couple of weeks as July went into August!

Here is a recent "How to Do Things." If you have not read it yet, you can check it out here.
For the last week in July, I went home to house-sit for my parents while they went to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary in San Francisco. It was my opportunity to do everything I wanted to do this summer (and volunteer at VBS with some really awesome kids), but never had time for with summer classes and my thesis.
This is my family's cat (also pictured above). He may seem cute, but he is a mean fat fur ball. If you ever were to meet him, he would be sweet as can be towards you, that way you lower your guard, and then he will attack. I wish I were joking.
Here is an outfit I wore the day I went to spend the weekend with my grandma, who has not been feeling up to her vivacious norm lately. The shirt is actually my older brother's. It was a gift to him from my dad many years ago. I ended up borrowing it because I was terrible at packing for this trip. In fact, I borrowed clothes from everyone in my family's closets. I brought all of my blouses home for my mom to approve for my internship at a hospital this fall. With all of those shirts, I figured I would have plenty of clothes to wear. Except, I did not consider how stupid hot it is in Texas. In July. Really, what was I thinking? Blouses and oppressive heat do not mix well.
My boyfriend's independent video game company put out a new android game the last week of July. If you have an android device, you can get the app for free here (or, if ads are the bane of your existence, you can buy it for $.99).
I finished my class about addictions and how they affect families the last week in July. Here is a picture of my textbooks the evening before my final.
You might recognize this picture from this recent outfit post.
This is one of my new favorite outfits. It is just so cute and I feel like a girly princess while wearing it.

The shirt is from Target and my skirt is from Forever 21 that I bought years ago (you have seen it herehere, and all the way back in February here).

The pearl floral headband from Asos (Unfortunately, it another purchase from years ago; however, this one is similar, and I saw this headband and loved it immediately. Even if the latter is nothing like mine, I still wanted to share. I swear I am focused most of the time, but then I start working on the blog post as a break from class and my brain runs 90 miles an hour in 100 different directions any time I see something pretty. And now we have been in this mid-sentence parenthetical aside for so long, we probably have both forgotten where this sentence was going... C'est la vie.) is becoming a staple for me, because when I wear it I feel like Daisy from "The Great Gatsby" and like I am about to go to a wild party in the 1920s (or, you know, my Medieval French class).

My loafers are new for my internship from Marshall's (or Ross? There are two very close together in my home town, so I cannot recall which one my mom and I went to) and I wanted to break them in. I cannot imagine how awful it would be to get blisters my first day on the job. I loved my last pair of loafers to death (I will be honest, they appeared so many times on this blog, I am too lazy to look for all of the times they appeared). And though I cannot find my new pair exactly online, these loafers are silver.
So here are some antique fans that I bought recently from Whiskey & Honey (who just announced a giveaway a few hours ago). The picture of my family's cat under the table won me free shipping for them (just one of the many reasons Instagram is so great). I love these fans already and am thinking about framing them to hang on my bedroom wall to showcase them. If you have any other suggestions, I would love to read them!
Again, that Asos headband appears. The "POW!" tank top is from River Island last year, I purchased it while studying abroad (if you are in to crop tops, this one is similar in its comic book style. And here is a website that is apparently dedicated to printing shirts like this). The tank top underneath is from Old Navy (which, while super easy to find in the store because I bought it on tax-free weekend when the tank tops were on sale, it was surprisingly difficult to find online. Why? Because the website calls them tamis... it is almost like the person who named it that was not sure if it was a tank top or camisole so they named it after both). The shorts are from Goodwill (they are the same pair that you saw earlier this week right here). The flats are thrifted from Goodwill as well (here is the cheapest similar pair that I could find online).
And, last but not least, here is a picture from this week's outfit post. If you want to find out more about this outfit, I respectfully turn you to the link rather than typing it all out here.
I had a busy week, yet all in all a successful one. Between getting more participants scheduled for my thesis, becoming CPR certified, and only missing one point on my midterm, I have barely had the chance to catch my breath, but I would not have it any other way. How was your week?

Rachel Cathleen