Monday, August 4, 2014

Floral Tank and Green Velveteen Shirt

I hope your week is off to a great start!

Today, I started my Old French class to finish off my Medieval and Renaissance Studies minor. I decided posting on the blog was a good way to take a quick break from studying some vocabulary. 

You might have noticed that this post has more pictures than normal, I decided you all deserve it since last week's post had so few photos. To get nearly 10 reasonable pictures, I had to take like 40... but, I like to believe that I am getting better at modeling, nonetheless. It would probably help if I had someone else to take the photos rather than me resetting the camera between every shot. But, what can you do? 

Have a fantastic week!
Rachel Cathleen

I am wearing: Green Button Up: Goodwill (You may recognize it from this postthis one, and this one; similar here and here); Tank Top: Top Shop (old- I thrifted it while studying abroad last year; this, this, this, and this are fairly similar); Shorts: Goodwill (You saw them last week and I recommended this pair and this pair as similar); Shoes: DSW (Are you tired of these, yet? You can buy this exact pair still).