Sunday, July 13, 2014

RTX Adventures: Day 3

As promised, here are the pictures from our final day at RTX 2014.
We decided that it was not worth waking up early to maybe get a seat at the Achievement Hunter panel, so we got Taco Bell breakfast, instead. If you ever want desert for breakfast, I would recommend these little sugary things.
The boys loved this pirate game because it reminded them of a game they played as kids.
You probably thought to yourself, "There is no way she has any more waiting in line pictures!" Alas, you are wrong. Here we are waiting to play Titanfall. I lost both games I played, which is fine, they were the first two times that I have ever played. During the first game, I did not know many of the controls (the boys just told me how to shoot, but not how to aim or get low or anything). For the second game, I did a little better, but one of the creators was on the other team, so my team did not have much of a chance.

If you have ever wanted to play a fun game with just two buttons, this is the game for you!
This. Game. Is. So. Fun. When it comes out, I am going to make everyone with the proper game system buy it so I can play! 
Here is me and my little brother using the faces from the Pacman Immersion Video.
Here we are on a warthog from Halo. Thank you to the lovely Guardian (volunteer for RTX) who helped me get in and out while wearing a skirt.
Here we are on the Rooster Teeth podcast set.
A lovely random fan gave me this. They tapped me on the shoulder and handed it to me, to which I responded in utter confusion, "Oh, I did not drop this." They told me to have it, and still confused, I accepted it and thanked them. But I still felt like I did not thank them properly because I was so awkward about it...
...Fortunately, I later found the lovely fan again! I thanked them again and asked if they would pose for a picture with me. Unfortunately, this is the best picture I got. But, thank you again fellow Achievement Hunter Let's Play Minecraft fan!

If you cannot tell, we had a lot of fun on our adventure! And, no, we did not only wait in line, that happened to just be the most convenient time to take pictures. I hope that you had a lovely week, and hopefully I will have a new How to Do Things tomorrow!
Rachel Cathleen