Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Long time, no see.
My mom, Daniel's mom, and I went to a Celebrity Cook-off supporting
Ronald McDonald's House Charities. This is just one of the activities that I have done recently.

You may have noticed my brief hiatus from this blog. I am sorry about that. In the hopes that you will forgive me, I have some exciting news: my absence has been mostly due to the fact that I finally have participants for my thesis experiment! Because of this, I have been busier than ever since and I am spending more time in the lab than I have in the past. I also have been doing work for my online social work class and studying for the GRE (which I will take in less than two weeks).

My life has not been solely filled with work, though. I am proud to announce that you can expect 5 posts this week (including this one). This past weekend, Daniel, my younger brother, Daniel’s younger brother, and I went to RTX in Austin! RTX is a convention for Rooster Teeth, an internet company that produces YouTube videos, podcasts, and the longest running American sci-fi show (Red vs. Blue). I have briefly mentioned them in my “People Like Grapes” post. I took tons of pictures, so I have decided to share one day’s worth of pictures each day this week and end Friday with another “How to DoThings.”

Talk to you tomorrow and throughout this week!

Rachel Cathleen