Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Blue with Accents of Silver

You might be able to tell by the dark floor and the much darker blue wall that I am not at my place. I am at my parents' house for the week.
I am supposedly wearing the best nail polish (according to my mom who read it in Consumer Report). It should not chip. Except, it chipped almost right away. However, I still wanted to show you the ring I borrowed from my mom

What I am wearing: Shirt: from my mom's closet (I did not pack enough t-shirts for my trip, here, and here are similar); Shorts: Goodwill (this is my absolute favorite pair and I wear them a little too often; here and here are similar); Shoes: Target (I got them on clearance for less than $20, but Target's website has them listed for over $25 currently, so here, here, here, and the cheapest one here are similar pairs); Jewelry: Flower Ring: Edinburgh (similar here, here, and here), Blue Droplet Ring: a drawer in my parents' bathroom (similar here, here, and here), Necklace: from my sorority (I got the diamond drop after initiation and the faux pearl is for getting a 4.0).

Have an awesome rest of your week! I cannot wait to eventually tell you all about the adventures I have been having in Texas this week!
Rachel Cathleen