Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How to Do Things: Take a Break from Homework, Studying for the GRE, Chores, or Whatever Else That is Making You Busy

Have you ever read a problem, did not not understand it, read it 100 more times, still not get it, ask someone to explain it to you, and then immediately figure it out and feel stupid for not understanding it sooner? Yeah, that's this problem.
I did not make a post yesterday, which I apologize for. I studied for the GRE and read articles for my thesis all day, so I did not have time to take pictures for a post. The back-up plan was to take pictures today and then make a post. Instead, I spent 9 hours in the lab. My ideas for this post became so desperate, I briefly considered taking pictures of me microwaving my lunch and making that a "How to Do Things" (that may happen another week...).

But, I did have to take a break during my busy 9 hours, so I listened to music from Lewis Watson's new album (and then several other songs, my lunch break was longer than like 5 minutes). If you need a study (or work) break, here is what you do:

Step 1. Click the links below.
Step 2. Listen to each song.
Step 3. Relax.
Step 4. Get back to work!

If you cannot tell, I really enjoy Lewis Watson's music. He appears to be really popular in the UK, but I want him to be popular here in the U.S. (I am not a hipster: I want everyone to like the same musicians I do so they will keep producing new music...).

I hope I taught you a simple way to take a break and that you have a great week!
Rachel Cathleen