Friday, July 11, 2014

RTX Adventures: Day 1

This is my third day attempting to post pictures from our first day at RTX in Austin. I am now trying an entirely new way to post it. Keep your fingers crossed that this will actually work this time around. (It already will not let me format the are off to a GREAT start. Ugh.)

A little after 6 AM, we hit the road!
Random space ship we drove by.
If you are ever in the Waco area, you NEED to stop here.
This is one of the reasons to stop. The cupcakes have more icing than cake!
My friend was kind enough to host us for the weekend. I have known her since elementary school and we like to take awkward photos together.
This picture is of Daniel and his younger brother waiting in line.
Here is my little brother in line.
This is the panel we (okay, I) HAD to see. The person who lead it is a doctoral candidate and her lecture was really interesting. I even took notes.
Here is my younger brother and me waiting in line for food.
Fast forward...We are now waiting for my friend to pick us up for dinner.
We (okay, still just I) took a lot of selfies... So many selfies...
We ate at Whataburger since the Arkansans in the group had never been to one before.
My brother did not want to do the cupcake pose with me. He told me he was tired of pictures... And I told him it was only the first day, there will be more to come in the next couple days.
I am sorry that sharing these photos with you has been such a hassle. I will try to get the second set up this afternoon (after I finish my homework and study for the GRE for a bit). 

Rachel Cathleen

There is also another slight change of plans... You will not get a post Saturday because I will be visiting family that day (as of yesterday). I will get a post up Sunday though!