Friday, July 11, 2014

RTX Adventures: Day 2

I finally finished my homework for this week and I am having a little break for dinner, so this seemed like the perfect time to share more pictures with you from RTX before I go back to studying for the GRE! (July 20th will be such a beautiful day because I will be at least temporarily done with stressing about this test.)
Here is across the street from where we parked on the second day. It was still a bit of a walk from the convention center, but parking was not too expensive and it was free on Sunday (Day 3).
I don't remember taking this picture, probably because I was so tired (between homework until 1 am, waking up at 5:30 am, homework until 12:00 am, waking up at 7 am, I was exhausted). We woke up early to make it in time to line up for a panel that we wanted to see. Unfortunately, everyone had the same idea and showed up an extra hour before we showed up an hour early.  
I told you in my last post that we took a lot of selfies... I did not lie.
The had surprisingly nice food at the convention center. Their ridiculously high prices was not that surprising. 
I believe we are watching Achievement Hunter play Prop Hunt (I highly recommend you watch their Prop Hunt Part 1 Video; however, they do use curse words).
Here is an example of one of the booth's at RTX. There were so many creative people who have done so many awesome things (you know, like making impressive LEGO sculptures).
My brother and I took a photo together for my mom. Christmas card worthy? I hope so.
This is now one of my favorite pictures ever. We did a "thinker pose" photo because it is my older brother's "signature pose" and he had to work so he could not come this year.
We went to see the bats come out in Austin.
Patience was the theme of this trip. That bats came out about a half hour later than normal. So we...took selfies... I believe there are more pictures of my face from this weekend than my entire life (Maybe not; my dad is a photographer so there are quite a few pictures of me from when I was younger).
See how bright that sky is? I just noticed it is not even blue in my pictures, it is like WHITE. Maybe that's why the bats did not come out until later? 
This is an elk statue. Why? Austin.
This is the Texas State Capital. It was not snowing in July. My windshield was just really dirty from the long drive.
I hope you enjoyed seeing these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!
Rachel Cathleen