Friday, April 4, 2014

Interview Appropriate?

Good evening!

Two posts in one week? How unusual. But this post is super important and I would love to have your opinion. Next Monday, I have a social work internship interview and I have to plan what to wear. The internship will be at a hospital (and it is an interview), so I want to look professional. With that being said, if I washed/ironed this outfit (and put on make-up/styled my hair), would this outfit be appropriate? Please note, the blue in this dress is not nearly as bright as two of the pictures make it look (it is more navy than cobalt) and the black on top is a lace (my computer camera (ok, and my ability to model) is not awesome). (P.S.- I have no idea if I can use double parentheses in English like I can in math; c'est la vie.)

Dress; Similar Shirt

Again. thank you for any and all opinions!
Rachel Cathleen