Sunday, April 13, 2014

Getting Ready for Grad School

Happy Sunday!

This week has been one of those terrible weeks that never seem to end. But, now that I have survived (mostly) unscathed, I feel like I will be prepared when my time for graduate school comes.
Monday: I had a social work internship interview (which went well; they offered me the position!). I also had a Spanish Composition Exam due (got an A!).

Tuesday: I had a test, a quiz, a short paper, and a group project due. The test did not go as well as it could; the three concepts I did not know very well made up a large portion of the test compared to the other two dozen concepts (Quick update since yesterday: I made a B on the test! I do not think I have ever been so excited for a B in my entire life). Because I studied so much for the test, I was not as well prepared as I normally am for quizzes (still no grade). Fortunately, the paper went well and out group presentation was moved to next week (unfortunately, it was because a group member had an emergency).

Wednesday: Only one test (which I got an A on, making up for the previous not so great test in the other class). And I taught two research assistants how to take over a study I had been conducting so I can begin running participants for my thesis. Honestly, while teaching the other students how to do the study, I felt very maternal and protective of it. I have been running the study largely on my own for the last year and a half; however, in the past couple of months, I have not had enough time to continue working on it.

Thursday: Thankfully, nothing was due and my mom said I could buy a floral dress I had my eye on for a few weeks. The best part of the day was that we had a fascinating guest lecturer in one of my classes. I also attended the BSW picnic and won an award for winning an award (I received a research grant this year and this award was to congratulate me for getting the grant)!
Friday: I had a Spanish Exam (also earning an A).

Saturday and today: Yesterday, I walked a 5k with my boyfriend to support the Fayetteville Freedom Movement and Tiny Hands International; other than that, I am doing as little as possible because relaxing is a beautiful thing. I even decided to share with you these photos I took last week before everything became so busy.

This picture is from Grey Dog's Instagram:

I hope your coming week can be relaxing!

Rachel Cathleen

In this outfit: Shirt: thrifted from Hope's Door; Vest: hand-me-down from my dad; Shorts: thrifted from Goodwill; Socks- Walmart? Target? Kohl's? (I have no idea where I got these socks, but I would never recommend them, they are too thin so I got blisters); Shoes: thrifted from Goodwill. Bonus dress: Grey Dog Vintage Boutique.