Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Finals Week

For some reason Instagram makes everything blurry. If you have a solution to fix this, please let me know.
Ah, finals week. The one week a semester when professors forget all about pity. Multiple times this semester I have had professor move back a due date or two because they felt bad that we had so many things due at once. But, then comes finals. You were worried about the two papers I had due two days apart? What about the five finals in four days? Two of which were scheduled back to back. Lovely, I know.

Fortunately, my three most difficult exams are over. And were surprisingly easy (showing that professors still have a soft spot in their hearts for our poor unfortunate souls). I have this habit of procrastinating. For example, I do not make blog posts frequently (because I rarely take pictures), but suddenly it was super important last Friday that I take pictures to make this blog post. The stranger part is Thursday and Saturday, I wore clothes from Goodwill, Friday I did not. That just means I have extra outfits to eventually share.

Now, I have lost my point. Let us regroup. I procrastinate sometimes. Ok, a lot. For example, right now I am working on an "open-note, go ahead and use the internet, just cite everything" final. And what am I doing? Making a blog post. And, if I am willing to make a blog post while actually working on an exam, you can imagine how many random things I did while I should have been studying. This means that right before each final, I was fretting about not studying enough. But, when I left each exam, I thought to myself, "Why on earth did I even bother studying? PSH. Studying had been a waste of time." If only I could think that about every test I have ever taken...

Cool art installation made to look like paper blowing in the wind.
I bought these from a little antique shop. Here is a link to their Facebook page. Also, if anyone wants to buy me the phrenology bust, that would be awesome.
"Tangled" was playing on a large projected screen, so we watched for a bit while eating snow cones. We also took this picture.
This charming robot was in a toy store. My birthday is in a month, so if someone already bought me the phrenology bust, this could totally be a good back-up gift. ;)
The little museum had lots of really weird, creepy, borderline terrifying art. But they also had a neat tapestry (which I unfortunately did not get a good photo of) and fancy shoes. So here are the shoes. Because SHOES!!!
Here is a picture of a mother and daughter. Because it was adorable and not at all scary. Plus mother's day is very soon.
Trees made out of fabric scraps depicting the seasons.
The boyfriend by spring's tree. 

I am wearing a shirt I thrifted while studying abroad this summer (similar), the cardigan I got at a yard sale for $0.25 on my birthday last year (similar), the belt from my mom, pants from Grey Dog (similar-ish), shoes are my poor loafers from Maude, which are falling apart at this point because I have worn them so much (Guys, they still have some left. I am buying another pair.).

I hope you enjoy the rest of your week, and if you are in the same finals boat: I wish you the best of luck!
Rachel Cathleen