Monday, May 26, 2014

How To Do Things: Ice Cream Sandwiches

Good morning.

I would just like to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who serves and has served and to there family. I hope that you receive the respect you deserve at least today, because many times we fall short of honoring you every other day of the year. 

Additionally, I hope everyone has had an enjoyable weekend, whether you went to a parade to honor those who serve, had a barbecue, went swimming, relaxed, or whatever else you did/are doing.

If you are still looking for something to do, I can provide. A few weeks ago I found this:

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Look how easy! It is just 3 steps and then it is ready to eat! So my boyfriend (Daniel, he told me it is fine for me to use his name) and I decided to try them out.

  • First of all, we went to the store to buy the ingredients. 
    • We debated about buying pre-made cookies (so we could cut out the steps relevant to baking cookies) or cookie dough (so we could eat raw cookie dough later; which is dangerous, so don't do that; sorry, Mom). We ultimately bought cookie dough (the one in the yellow tube).
    • We also did not buy Ben & Jerry's. Partially, that is because we are cheap. The other reason was because we would have to use have a container of Ben & Jerry's each since we did not know how to store it once it was sliced open. Instead, we bought little Blue Bell cups of ice cream that are always served at kids' birthday parties.

  • So, if you buy cookie dough, follow the instructions they give you (We made our's like twice as big as normal on accident, it made holding the ice cream easier. If you do that, too, do not change the directions in any other way.) 
  • If you bought pre-made cookies, or already have cookies, you are doing great!
Here are what they looked like fresh out of the oven.
Cookies and ice cream, perfect combo!
  • Ok, now we are putting on the ice cream. So do you see in that first picture how easy it is to cut that carton? Well, blue bell cartons are apparently made of paper steel. Those things would not cut. At all. So we took spoons and stabbed around the edges (between the ice cream and the carton) until it was loose enough to scoop out in one piece.
  • Then put the ice cream on once cookie, and put another cookie on top!
  • Now, you have an ice cream sandwich! Yay!
  • Now... get a bowl, the ice cream is way too thick to stay together and not make a huge mess. Seriously, we each took like one bite of our respective sandwiches and then got bowls. Hey, it is still two cookie layers with ice cream in between. That still counts as delicious in my book.
See, that sandwich is WAY too thick to last. Also worth noting, Daniel used vanilla. So if you wanted to be festive today or July 4th (which is kind of coming up), you could add red and blue sprinkles!
I used chocolate ice cream, which is much better (You know, if you prefer chocolate ice cream)! Also, we first tried this a few weeks ago (hence, the sweatshirt and my hair still long enough to be in a ponytail), and since then, we have made these so often we are almost out of ice cream and cookie dough.

I hope you try these, because they really are yummy. Let me know if you try it a different way and how it works for you!

Rachel Cathleen