Thursday, April 3, 2014


Good morning.

I would just like to apologize for being absent lately and then go ahead and apologize for being frequently absent until mid-May. I have reasons (I prefer not to think of them as excuses) for being absent from the blogging world. First, my parents were here a lot recently with Mom's Day for my sorority and then my door falling apart so my dad was here for essentially two weeks to get it replaced. I also went with my boyfriend and friend to visit relatives who live only a couple hours away, which I am glad we did because my uncle is now in the hospital. And then my dog that I have had since I was 7 years old died. And now I have three tests and a group presentation due next week with finals following right around the corner. On a positive note, good things have taken up my time as well. My thesis experiment should be up and running to be piloted next week, I had a relaxing spring break where I finally finished a painting for my boyfriend's birthday (it was last August), my little brother got his eagle scout award, and I have an interview next week for a fall internship. Being busy is my way of life, which just makes it hard to make full blown posts, but I will try to get at least a few short posts up whenever I have an extra moment to breathe.

Until then, I hope you can forgive me.
Rachel Cathleen

Mom and I cannot take selfies.
I wanted to go to a Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week event, we got all dressed up, trounced through the snow, and we discovered being 21 would have been important. But at least we got a picture.

My younger brother's band concert. He is the tall one in the back.

Me standing on my parents' bathtub trying to get a #ootd picture.

My finished painting. The stars are in the pattern of the stars above our dorm the day we started dating and the clouds are styled like the ones at the end of "Toy Story 3."

My brother's accomplishments.

He did not want a photo with his face-cake, so I took several and am posting one here.

My brothers and me. For what it is worth, I am above average height for a woman, they are just more insanely tall (older brother 6'2", younger brother 6'5").

Our whole family.

Me and my dog.

The last picture before he had to be put down. Jigger, I hope you can keep chasing tennis balls in Heaven.